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 written by Bryan Bottarelli

There’s been a major shift in the markets, and it’s gone unnoticed by most investors.

A fascinating type of trade is gaining steam right now, and I believe the beginning of this trend will eventually be more significant than the day the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) was created.

You see, back in 1973, an original options pricing model was officially unleashed to the public. This model became the single greatest wealth creation tool in the history of modern finance, and it even went on to win a Nobel Prize.

At around the same time the model was released, the first stock option was bought at the CBOE, on April 26, 1973: Xerox July $160 calls.

Since then, traders have made trillions – not billions, trillions – of dollars using options.

And now, thanks to several technological advancements, we have access to a new type of trade that could make that day in April 1973 seem like the Stone Age in comparison.

This new asset class is called zero-day options, also known as 0DTE (zero days to expiration) options.

Over the past two years, 0DTEs have exploded in popularity, and one of the main reasons is their immense profit potential. 0DTEs essentially have unlimited upside. You could see gains of 100%, 500%, even 1,000% on a single trade… in a single day.

0DTE contracts expire at the end of the current trading day, which means you could see those major gains in hours or even minutes.

Another benefit is that these option contracts carry super-low premiums since they expire the same day. This is great for investors with smaller trading accounts. You can make many 0DTE trades for $100 or less.

Plus, these options are currently available on only heavily traded tickers, as they aren’t viable without significant trading volume. As a result, 0DTEs bring you into super-liquid situations where spreads are thin and there’s enough volume that you can easily get in AND out.

As you’ll see below, the data doesn’t lie: More and more retail traders are being drawn to 0DTEs. In fact, trading volume on 0DTEs just hit an all-time high.

Now, 0DTEs aren’t perfect. No trading strategy is.

For one, they move up and down quickly, so you have to be ready to get in and out when the moves occur.

Second, because they move so fast, you can see big gains or losses instantly in some cases. The best way to manage your risk is to use proper position sizing, preset sell-stop orders and specific profit targets.

To put yourself in position to profit off a new asset class like 0DTEs, it’s essential that you properly educate yourself and trade strategically.

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