Wall Street Bets $250 Billion on Elon Musk

Elon Musk: THIS will be Bigger than Tesla


Elon Musk's new robots have an AI brain. They could eventually cook you a pot roast… Mow your lawn… He's even hinted at creating a “romantic companion” version…… He says his new robots could soon be bigger than Tesla. That's just the start. In fact, I now believe AI technology… Will be the first $100 TRILLION industry. There could be trillions available to those who get in early… If you missed out on making money on crypto… Your second chance could be starting now. Today, for the first time… I'm showing good Americans exactly what to do… Go here now to see my plan… For investing in AI during this brief “wealth window”.

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Tim Sykes here with a critical update.

If you've been following Tim Bohen recently, you need to see his 10X trade idea for 2023.

It involves Elon Musk, Tesla, and these 5 tiny “silent partner” companies.

Bohen says it has to do with a massive $23 trillion market…

…That's bigger than space, cars, and social media… COMBINED! 

And if Bohen is right about a major announcement on January 24th…

Who knows how high these tiny “silent partner” companies could go. 

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