Twitter staffers called Elon Musk’s “hardcore” bluff, prompting a potential mass exodus

75% of Twitter’s remaining employees have not agreed to Musk’s new vision for the company. They instead chose to run and take the money. Twitter responded by temporarily closing its offices and suspending badge access. It is now trying to figure what it will do.

Multiple reports that most of Twitter's employees didn't click “yes” to Musk's recent email asking them to work “long hours at high intensities.” Since the deadline has passed, Twitter will release all employees with severance pay if they follow through on Musk's threat.

Twitter would have a headcount of less than 1000. Fortune‘s Kylie Robison noted that many remaining employees are likely on visas and therefore cannot leave. Before Musk's terrible takeover at the start of the month, Twitter had approximately 7,500 employees.

Although Twitter's mass layoffs were a disaster for everyone, this latest round could do the most harm. The Verge reports that certain vital teams may disappear, including critical engineers who maintain Twitter’s core system libraries.

The skeleton crew will have jumped ship and Twitter will continue to drift until it crashes into an Iceberg and sinks to bottom of the Atlantic. Given the rapidity with which Musk has been releasing poorly-designed changes, this is likely to occur sooner than expected.

Musk was the only person who didn't anticipate this. According to reports, Twitter's internal culture is now “beyond toxic,” with some employees hoping to be laid off in order for them get severance instead of resigning.

Twitter employees still have access to the internal systems and official notices of termination have not been sent yet. Many of these employees are using the access to say goodbye to their colleagues in Slack, happy to ogle Musk's dystopian visions for the future.

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