The Market’s Next Big Gainers Are… (Hint: Not Nvidia)

Is this tiny $2 stock the next NVDA?


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By Ross Givens

With last week’s close, the market has just had three consecutive losing weeks.

So, welcome to the pullback…

But as today’s chart shows – don’t expect to be here too long.

Chart of the Day

This is the RSP – the S&P 500 Equal Weighted Index. It shows how the S&P 500 would look if every stock was weighted equally, instead of by market cap.

You can clearly see how the RSP has pulled back since the end of March.

But you can also see that – for the last four trading days of the last week – the RSP traded mostly sideways. Its price appears to be consolidating.

This is not the case with the regular S&P 500, which continued to fall sharply over that same period.

What does this divergence between the RSP and the S&P 500 imply about this pullback?

I explain in the Insight of the Day below.


#1 AI stock trading for $3

Ross Givens says the #1 artificial intelligence stock is NOT Microsoft, Google, Amazon or Apple.

Nope – his research is pointing to a tiny, under-the-radar stock that's trading for just $3 right now…

And could soon shoot to the moon, handing early investors a windfall…


Insight of the Day

We might be seeing a new class of market leaders rising to the surface.

Why is the S&P 500 falling faster than the RSP? 

Because the big market leaders – the ones that disproportionately influence the index – are falling faster than the rest. Nvidia itself took a 10% dive on Friday.

But the fact that the RSP looks to have stabilized could mean that other stocks are rising fast…

Stocks that could potentially form the new class of market leaders.

These are the stocks you want to target.

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