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By Ross Givens

There’s a big opportunity most traders are ignoring.

Chart of the Day

Yesterday, I showed a chart showing how underlying productivity for S&P 500 companies are posting gains for the first time in 15 years – a good sign.

But today, I want to highlight a related opportunity that most traders are missing.

Because as these two charts show, from both a sales growth and earnings-per-share perspective…

Small-cap stocks are both faster growing AND cheaper than their large-cap counterparts.

In short, they’re delivering more value for a lower price.

If you’re not content with average returns – this is where you need to be looking.

Insight of the Day

The challenge with small-cap stocks is their higher variance – winners do better, losers do worse.

As a whole, small-cap stocks are more attractive right now.

But the thing with small-cap stocks is their higher variance – winners do better, losers do worse.

In other words, this is where your trading edge really plays a role in your returns.

NVDA's biggest threat is trading for just $2


Investors are focusing on the wrong thing. While all the attention is focused on AI, the trend hidden under the surface has nothing to do with it. And one company has a chip that could outright beat NVDA's in the coming months and hand investors absurd gains in the process… My conviction level on this play it as at an all-time high. 2 FANMAG companies are racing to capture this innovation, but they will need this $2 stock's patented “key” before those companies can scale this technology where they want to. So click here and find out why this $2 stock is unlikely to be $2 for very long.