Small Cap Stocks Set To Hit New Highs Any Day Now

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By Ross Givens

How much steam can there be left in this rally when all the major indexes are at new record highs?

Well, as today’s chart shows – sometimes, we just need to look at the more ignored parts of the market.

Chart of the Day

This is a chart of the small-cap Russell 2000 dating back to January 2020.

While other indexes are at new record highs, the Russell 2000 is still about 15% lower from its all-time high.

As you can see, it’s been essentially a long-term consolidation pattern for the past two years, since March 2022.

Recent price action taking it above the previous “peaks” shows we might see small caps break out strongly.

This is where I would be scanning for the choicest opportunities right now.

Insight of the Day

Even though the Russell 2000 Index has yet to break out as a whole – the leading stocks already are.

As I always say, market leaders lead the market.

Even though the small-cap index hasn’t broken out yet, it’s on the verge of breaking out…

And that means the leading small-cap stocks are already breaking out – or are right about to.

Considering how quickly small-cap stocks can shoot up, this is not an opportunity you want to miss.

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