Salesforce Earnings Coming; Here’s What One Analyst Thinks

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By Alex Sirois,

Salesforce (NYSE:CRM) is the dominant force in customer relationship management. The stock has long benefited from that position.It should continue to strengthen moving forward for multiple reasons, one of which is its artificial intelligence investment.

Salesforce is looking to acquire Informatica for roughly $11 billion. Salesforce is looking to buy the AI powered cloud data management vendor. The move should not be particularly surprising as Google (NASDAQ:GOOG,GOOGL) is set to buy Salesforce competitor, HubSpot (NYSE:HUB).

Analysts argue that sales forces move better positions it for the AI opportunity over the coming decade. More specifically, It should help Salesforce to better integrate with data warehouses via AI.

However, the deal will not come without substantial pushback from some Salesforce investors. the company faced a lot of pushback when it acquired Slack in 2021 for $28 billion. Nevertheless, Salesforce continues to dominate customer relationship management and is expected to grow rapidly this year and next.

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