New Threat Could Send Interest Rates Soaring Higher

A former Defense Department Consultant has an urgent warning for any American with cash in their savings or brokerage account. 

There is an imminent threat created by the new Speaker of the House, which Wall Street and the Federal Government are ignoring the full danger of according to Jim Rickards. 

When all is said and done, it could result in the U.S. defaulting on its sovereign debt, then causing a global panic to dump Treasury securities and flee the U.S. dollar. 

“This would increase interest rates in the U.S. and hurt everyone from homebuyers to everyday consumers,” Rickards said. 

In his newest report, Rickards explains in detail what this threat is, how it could unfold over the next two months, and why it could permanently destroy the dollar as the global reserve currency. 

Rickards said: “The U.S. is doing more to destroy the dollar than our enemies.” But if you don’t understand what they’re doing, it’s impossible to safeguard your cash from this catastrophe. 

Click here to discover Jim Rickards’ newest warning. 

You can’t wait, because by December 13, President Biden could make a major move by going on TV to announce a national recall on the dollar. If you have any U.S. dollars in your bank account, you must prepare now… or risk losing everything.