Get ready for deflation.

It’s coming…

And you’re going to see a major shift.

America 1.0 blue chips to America 2.0 growth stocks.

And that is great news for you … if you held Strong Hands!

Right now, there are two BIG shifts happening. 

  1. The narrative from inflation to recession.
  2. Demand for America 2.0 stocks.

But the markets haven’t priced this in yet. 

The good news? 

This earnings season demand will shift from America 1.0 companies — with HUGE amounts of debt, lower profits, and high cash obligations — to innovative America 2.0 companies.


Well, one is sinking while the other is eyeing double digit growth, even considering inflation. 

Little to no debt, healthy cash ready to deploy, and so much growth ahead of them. 

Watch today’s IanCast for the full story.