Jim Rickards: The Biden Scandal No One Is Talking About

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Below is a partial transcript from a recent interview with Jim Rickards

If you want higher taxes, vote for Biden, if you want lower taxes, vote for Trump. 

We can leave that to our readers, everyone can make up their own mind and decide what they want to do on that and so I want to really deal at a higher level about demeanor, the intent of the speech, whether it succeeded or failed in its political intent.

And then a little bit on some of the policy issues because they make a difference, the the first a couple things that struck me, number one he was very vulgar, he kept saying you know what the hell, you can't use the word hell, which is no Blasphemous at least in the Catholic church but it's certainly profane in a lot of churches and absolutely vulgar by every definition you know if you're having beer, a couple beers with some friends and you want to you know spice up the conversation a little bit that's that's fine but the State of the Union Address, I think to use that particular choice of words was I would put in the vulgar category. 

He's kind of a small time guy and and acted that way so I kind of made a note of that, you know reading the headlines this morning and I watched the speech, I'll give you my own views but the headlines at least in the liberal press, the New York Times and Washington Post economists some others said Biden was fiery, feisty, energetic, you know, he was trying to repute the notion that he's old, feeble and you not steady on his feet. 

Basically physically and mentally you know somewhat incapacitated that's the image you get just from watching him, but it was an opportunity for him to have a big platform and rebut all those images. He came out very very loud, very direct, talking very quickly, and that was interpreted by the New York Times as, you know, a fiery speech.

No, he was drugged up, I mean, I'm not a doctor, just to be clear, but whether it was you know biphetamine or Methamphetamine or you know, speed they were using, the drugs they inject him with before these speeches. They don't take you from being lethargic to normal, they take you from being lethargic to being hyperbolic like at the other end of the spectrum temporarily you crash the next day. I'm sure there's nothing on his calendar today, but that's what he was, you can fake it for a couple hours. There's no question about it with the right combination of drugs, I'm very attuned to body language. His left eye was closed during most of it. Like why one eye not the other, he had some abrasions on his chin, they they had the makeup was really heavy on one side of his face, I don't know what was up with that, you know super high depth TV so I guess I noticed all the stuff, so no I wouldn't describe it as energetic and forceful I would describe it as angry screaming and the kind of demeanor you get from somebody who's been pumped up for drugs for the occasion.

I think there's very little doubt about that because when we see Biden in all these other settings, he can barely talk,  I would say vulgar and hyped up would be a pretty good description, it wasn't really a State of the Union Address, it was a campaign speech.

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