Jim Rickards’ Must-See Israel Conflict Prediction

AI “wealth window” will close January 9, 2024?


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A former Pentagon insider now believes the war in Israel will have severe consequences for Americans.

He predicts it will kill the US defense deal with Saudi Arabia…

Speeding up Saudi Arabia unleashing the ultimate “weapon of mass destruction” on the US, which he wrote all about recently.

Millions of Americans will suffer.

America could be reduced to a non-superpower.

Please act now before it's too late.

Click here to see his FULL uncensored warning. This Saudi economic “super weapon” could impact your livelihood and retirement savings. Here's how to prepare for the attack.

Man Who Called $3 Trillion Apple Predicts The Next Trillion Dollar Stock


In 2007… he predicted Facebook would become a $100 billion company.

In 2010… he predicted Apple would reach a three-trillion-dollar valuation.

In 2013… he called Bitcoin — before it rose 50,000% and ultimately reached a trillion-dollar market cap.

And now…

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