Jim Rickards Drops Bombshell Trump VP Prediction

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The following is a partial transcript of a recent interview with Jim Rickards

It's very early in the season to even be discussing this, but I agree with you that the likelihood of Trump being the nominee is so clear, he will be the nominee.

We have the South Carolina primary coming up at the end of February, we'll see what happens. Nikki H's you know putting her her bets on the table because she was the former governor of South Carolina, she's from South Carolina, she thinks that's her a good chance but the polls don't back that up, the polls show Trump with just as big a lead, maybe bigger actually in South Carolina than he had in New Hampshire. 

And you're right he won New Hampshire, he got well over 50% of all the votes and  Nikki Haley was about 12 points behind, but that included a lot of Democrats  in New Hampshire, we have what's called an Open Primary. The Independent party, it's not a party but those who declare themselves independent, are the biggest group in New Hampshire. It's about 30% Democrat, 30% Republican and 40% Independent, so all those Independents can walk into the voting booth Election Day and request either ballot, you can ask for a Republican Ballot or a Democrat ballot, you can't get both obviously but you can, and a lot and I know people a lot I would say Democrat leaning left leaning New Hampshire residents ask for Republican ballots for the sole purpose of voting for Nikki Haley, because they hate Trump.

That was probably as good as it gets for Nikki Haley because of that group that were really not voting for her even though they did, they were voting against Trump and Trump still won going away so South Carolina,  the margin's even bigger, my expectation is that she'll actually drop out of the race before the South Carolina primary. 

We'll see what happens, but she's she's saying no and she's apparently got the money but she's going to lose pretty badly in South Carolina so at that point the race is over. We still have Super Tuesday,  I think 10 big state primaries that day and then that's in March what they call the Exel primary which is some of the northeastern states but it's pretty much over so let the speculation begin. 

You know the short list you would see the people who ran against Trump now, so forget Chris Christie, you know I have my views on him but Trump can't stand him and I think the feeling is mutual so you can cross him off the list. 

Same thing with Nikki Haley, a lot of people say wouldn't Nikki Haley be a great choice because she's a woman and she has a lot of support among Independents and Independent Women, etc, some of those factors are true but Trump kind of holds a grudge, I put it that way, so the fact that she hasn't dropped out, hasn't endorsed him, that's probably enough to cross her off the list.

And by the way, there are a lot of Republicans, and Tucker Carlson has said this, but I know a lot of people who agree who say you know what “I like Trump” or “I would vote for Trump” or “I like Trump's policies, but if he picks Haley I'm not voting for Trump.

It’s not about Trump, it’s about Nikki Haley, she's a neocon, she's a warmonger, she's a Bush in Disguise, she's part of the uni party, there are lots of reasons if you're a real you know so-called MAGA Republican to not like Nikki Haley. 

I'd cross her off the list… 

DeSantis,I personally like a lot of his policies, I know his campaign never caught fire, he seems to lack the X Factor, the Charisma Factor,  but I do like his policies, he's a smart guy. I like him because he's a doer, a lot of people talk about things and you might agree but the question is do they actually do them, do they actually get them done, and DeSantis is a guy who does but the problem with Trump.

I mean this is the 21st century,  two conservative white guys, what does that get you in terms of broadening the base or attracting other voters.

I'm not in favor of DEI, I'm not in favor of quotas, or affirmative action or anything else but I am a realist about politics and I don't think that's a ticket that necessarily gets you very far other than Trump himself. 

So that opens up a couple really interesting choices. The one I would rank most likely and again this is not a hard and fast prediction it's I'm not going to put a stake on the ground but the one I would rank most likely is Elise Stefanik. 

She's a member of the House of Representatives, a congresswoman from New York, so just the fact that she's a New York Republican is unusual because New York is as we know heavily Democratic but there are a lot of Upstate areas away from New York City and and Buffalo where Republicans can hold their own. 

She is in the leadership, I believe the number three ranking Republican, so you have Mike Johnson who's The Speaker of the House, you have Tom Emmer, who's the the majority leader and then I believe Elise is number three…

She's proved her ability, she's kind of worked her way up the ranks, she's very conservative but she has a lot else to offer. She's younger, she's a woman obviously, that will that will help in terms of it's not going to help with like your most uh far-left uh you know ivy league graduate you know 35 yearold single woman living in Montgomery County Pennsylvania might not help with that uh demographic, but but across the country it'll have a lot of appeal.

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