It Could Hand You 100% Gains Before January 1

The Santa Claus Rally could hand investors 100% gains or more during the coming weeks, if they know what to trade. 

Stock prices historically rise in the last week of December and the first two trading days in January for a number of reasons…Including year end bonuses being reinvested into the market, tax advantaged moves before 2023 ends, overall optimism for the coming year, and more.

Our partners at InvestorPlace just released their top 3 stocks to buy before the Santa Clause Rally takes hold…

  • Stock #1: Bitcoin is up 120% this year and one of the biggest names in bitcoin mining is positioned to cash in. It plans to increase mining capacity by nearly 3.5X soon, and the Santa Clause rally could double its share price or more…
  • Stock #2: This aviation company just delivered the first electric air taxi to the US Air Force while signing a $131 million contract with the Department of Defense. It’s a $5 stock which could reach $12 or more during the Santa Clause Rally…
  • Stock #3: Shares are up 44% over the last month alone and revenue has soared 56% year over year. It’s expanding into a new, high-growth business at a time when the stock looks undervalued.

These 3 positions are not just short term trades, you could potentially hold these for years as their growth stories play out, multiplying your gains. 

But one thing is for certain: all 3 stocks have the potential to double or more during the Santa Clause Rally, so you must look over this analysis, then take a position soon. 

Click here to access the full report.

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