Hotlist of Top Stocks To Buy For 2024

Right now, all the most explosive profit opportunity is concentrated in one small segment of the stock market…

Penny stocks.

These cheap stocks are not for everyone, and require a solid risk management approach. But only stocks selling for under $5/share can provide true “lotto ticket” gains – blowing Amazon, Microsoft, and even Tesla out of the water.

Dozens of tiny stocks are capitalizing on this mad rush in 2024, and already we've seen real gains of 209%… 903%… 1,434%… even 2,351% in one year…

And more than a few Mega-Gains have blown to the top of our Penny Stock Hotlist. Check out some of the big winners we recommended with the gold star ribbons next to them, below!

So the big question is, of course, what should a penny stock investor buy now?

The answer, for many, is still penny stocks…. and our new hotlist (below) is an excellent tool.

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Not only is a stock trading below $5 a share much more affordable for regular investors… but cheaper stocks also tend to belong to smaller companies, who can double or triple in size much easier than a giant like Amazon.

In fact, some of the greatest companies in the world used to be tiny stocks themselves. Amazon traded for less than $2 a share in 1997. Now it's over $3,000.

Of course, with higher potential reward comes higher risk. Smaller companies and cheaper stocks means there’s more volatility and more room for bad actors to influence stock prices, so please exercise caution, and keep an eye on your trades.

These cheap stocks can go from slumber to life-changing jackpot – and sometimes back down again – in a matter of days, sometimes hours.

With that being said, below is our vetted list of the 5 best cheap stocks to buy right now:

5. Vapotherm At Long-Term Low 

Vapotherm (NYSE: VAPO) is a developer of treatments for respiratory distress. The company’s primary product line is a high-flow system to deliver humidified and oxygenated air to sufferers. The company has been struggling with revenue in the wake of the pandemic, but the inside and sell-side activity suggests this company is not down for the count. 

8 insiders are buying the stock including most members of the executive tea and several directors. This activity has their total holdings up to over 10% and growing, compounded by robust institutional activity. The institutions have netted $32 billion over the last year to increase their holdings to 59% of the company. Remarkably, the buying is worth more than the company’s current market cap, but that isn’t a problem for the analyst. 

There are 5 analyst rating this stock and although the sentiment rating is down to a “Hold” from “Moderate Buy” last year the price target has held firm. The price target is noteworthy because it forecasts 450% upside at the consensus midpoint and more than 100% at the low end of the range. Although a tiny operator focused on devices, Vapotherm could become the target of takeover plans given the upcoming patent cliff facing most major med-tech companies today. 

4. DIRRT Environmental Solutions

DIRRT Environmental Solutions (NASDAQ: DRTTF) uses 3-D imaging technology to design and build custom prefabricated inserts for business, industry, and private use.

The company has seen an excellent rebound in business following the pandemic, but fears of slowing have impacted the price action. This pullback is used by 10 insiders, including major shareholders, board members, and company execs to add to their holdings.

The insiders own about 6.7% of the company, while the institutions own about 79%. The institutional activity has been flattish over the past year as have the analysts' ratings. The analyst's rating recently jumped to a Moderate Buy from a strong Hold due to an old rating falling out of the data set. The price target was also impacted but moved lower, yet still forecasts more than 100% of the upside for the market.

3. Bill Gates is all about this tiny $2 stock 


What does Bill Gates know about this tiny company that we don't?

From the outside, it looks like a worthless $2 stock…

But according to Bill Gates…

This company is working on a unique technological innovation that is going to change the world as we know it…

“…As revolutionary as the personal computer, the Internet, and the mobile phone.

It will change the way people work, learn, travel, and communicate with each other.”

-Bill Gates

And it's not just him…

Powerful companies like Microsoft, Intel, and Google are all quietly racing to be at the forefront of this new phenomenon…

But it's this tiny company who holds the keys to what could be a $7 Trillion Revolution…

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2. Nauticus Robotics

Nauticus Robotics (NASDAQ: KITT) combines two disruptive, rapidly growing trends: robotics and artificial intelligence. Moreover, the company has found a unique niche: specifically, the company has developed AI-powered robots that operate in oceans. And intriguingly, Nauticus reports that it employs many ex-NASA engineers — trailblazers — with decades of experience in researching, engineering, and building space robotics.

The company has developed “a robotic navy,” consisting of 20 pairs of robots. Nauticus said they would be “deployed in multiple offshore industries serving applications ranging from subsea maintenance and intervention to data collection activities.” The company explains that its robots are “controlled through acoustic communication networking and can perform a wide range of data collection, inspection, and manipulation tasks.”

Providing some validation for Nauticus, its technology, and its products, the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit last year gave the company a contract to create a robot that will enable the Marines to eliminate mines from “shallow water” and develop an autonomous robot that can operate both on sea and land.

In its most recent quarterly earnings report, the robot maker’s top line increased to $3 million, up from $2 million during the same period a year earlier.

#1 AI Stock Trading for $3


AI is by far the biggest tech investing trend of 2024.

But Ross Givens says the #1 artificial intelligence stock is NOT Microsoft, Google, Amazon or Apple.

Nope – his research is pointing to a tiny, under-the-radar stock that's trading for just $3 right now…

And could soon shoot to the moon, handing early investors a windfall.

This company already has 98 registered patents for cutting-edge voice and sound recognition technology…

And has lined up major partnerships with Honda, Netflix, Pandora, Mercedes Benz and many, many others.

So if you missed out on Microsoft when it first went public back in 1986…

This could be your shot at redemption.

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