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By Ross Givens

With all the “bubble talk” going around lately, let’s look at a chart that shows why this bull market is not just based on sentiment.

Chart of the Day

You know that markets trade on expectations.

But a lot of those expectations are based on underlying fundamentals.

And as today’s chart shows, the fundamentals are still solid, with productivity – as measured by revenue per employee – starting to increase after 15 years of stagnation.

This is good for the economy, the markets, and traders like us.

Keep participating.

Insight of the Day

Despite all the new highs, there’s still plenty of cash sitting on the sidelines…

$6.05 trillion to be specific, according to the latest stats.

That’s over $6 trillion still sitting idly in money market funds even as the bull market continues…

$6 trillion that can be used to keep this rally going for months – and possibly even years – to come.

Of course, not all $6 trillion will flood into the market – and not all at once.

And yes, there are sure to be pullbacks in this market along the way.

But when you combine the improving fundamentals as seen in today’s chart with the sheer amount of cash still parked on the sidelines…

You have a recipe for a long-lasting bull market – one that you can and should keep taking advantage of.

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