Elon Wants to Re-Hire Fired Workers

This weekend, Musk's Twitter takeover became even more chaotic. The company has asked some of its 3,700 employees to return after they fired them last week.

So far, Chef Twit's Twitter experience has been an emotional rollercoaster. Users are upset about the company's plans to offer a subscription model. The company is losing advertisers quickly. But last Friday's mass layoffs were Musk's most embarrassing moment.

Many of those fired employees found out their fate after they were signed out of work email and Slack. Some were even told they had lost their jobs after being kicked off video chats during a meeting.

Over the weekend, however, the company's management realized their mistakes and asked the employees who were fired to return. Apparently some of the employees Twitter intended to retain were fired. Others were asked to return because Twitter realized that they needed their expertise and skills. It's an uphill task for the company, given its already chaotic past few weeks.

Musk's acquisition has already caused a dip in company morale. A photo of a manager lying in bed at work last week was posted online. And the company lost even more trust from employees after the firing and rehiring errors.

Takeaway: This is another embarrassing turn of events in the Elon-Twitter saga. Musk may be trying to make things happen quickly, but it could endanger his credibility.