AI’s Biggest Breakthrough to Date

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In late 2022, the world changed forever. And if you’re able to embrace it, you could put yourself in a position to make fortunes over the next decade as the biggest technological revolution since the internet sweeps across America. 

Specifically, on Nov. 30, 2022, small tech startup OpenAI launched a brand-new conversational chatbot – ChatGPT

This bot was built using a variety of highly complex machine learning models. And those algorithms were trained on millions of text-based data points to create a chatbot that’s able to emulate human conversation. 

ChatGPT’s purpose? To create an AI that can do almost anything. 

ChatGPT can answer any question about the history of the stock market or explain complex topics in simple terms. It can help with algebra homework, write advertisements, draft resumes, give relationship advice, write music, crack jokes – even pass the University of Minnesota Law School’s final exams.

In the example below, I asked ChatGPT to explain AI to me. As you can see, it’s a pretty accurate explanation, and it was produced in mere seconds.

A screenshot of a conversation with ChatGPT, where the bot explains what AI is

If you haven’t played with ChatGPT yet, I highly suggest you create an account and experiment with the bot yourself. It is quite impressive. 

Once you do that, you’ll understand why this platform has taken the world by storm over the past several months.

In just five days, ChatGPT amassed 1 million active users. In 40 days, it attracted 40 million users. And in just two months, it surpassed 100 million active users. 

By comparison, it took TikTok – the most viral social media app of all time –  nine months (or 4.5X as long) to reach 100 million users. 

ChatGPT is the fastest-growing consumer technology application of all time. 

But its meteoric rise over the past few months is about so much more than just a buzzy conversational chatbot – it marks the tipping point of the AI Revolution. 

In fact, I’m calling it AI’s “iPhone Moment.”

Artificial Intelligence: An “iPhone Moment”

Simply consider that ChatGPT launched in late November. Since then:

  • Microsoft (MSFT) – OpenAI’s biggest investor – has integrated ChatGPT’s technology into its Bing Search Engine, as well as its entire suite of productivity software, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 
  • Alphabet has launched its own ChatGPT competitor, an AI chatbot called Bard. 
  • Chinese tech giants Alibaba (BABA) and Baidu (BIDU) have launched their own AI chatbots. So have countless other small/medium-cap tech firms. 
  • Alphabet referred to “AI” 45 times on its conference call. 
  • Microsoft referred to “AI” 39 times on its conference call. 
  • Meta referred to “AI” 30 times on its conference call. 
  • Nvidia mentioned “AI” more than 90 times on its conference call.
  • Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk called his company a major AI firm in its quarterly conference call, while Apple (AAPL) CEO Tim Cook said that AI will “affect virtually everything we do” in that company’s most recent conference call.

ChatGPT started a movement.

It did so because of accessibility

A Staggering Technological Shift Is Underway

When it comes to major technological paradigm shifts, the world doesn’t truly recognize their value – and they don’t truly go mainstream and change the world – until they become accessible to the masses. 

The World Wide Web was invented in 1989 and went public in 1993. Most Americans were online by 2005. But we weren’t really using the internet and taking full advantage of all it had to offer until 2007 – when Apple launched the iPhone. 

That device put the power of the internet in everyone’s hands for $600. It made the internet accessible. It unlocked a whole new degree of freedom and flexibility to experiment with the internet, learn about it, understand its value, and leverage it in beneficial ways. 

Over the next decade, thousands of apps were created and launched across billions of phones, creating an entire Digital Economy that is now worth trillions of dollars.

It all started with the iPhone – the internet’s first truly accessible technology. 

In the 15 years between the dawn of the internet and the iPhone’s launch, tech titans Amazon (AMZN), Alphabet, and Microsoft aggregated a total combined market value of about $500 billion.

A graph showing the market caps of AMZN, GOOGL, and MSFT between the 1980s and 2008

Today, those three internet giants have a combined market value of nearly $5.5 trillion. 

That means, in the 15 years since the iPhone launch, they’ve created $5 trillion worth of economic value. That’s 10X the total value they created before the iPhone’s release.

A graph showing the change in AMZN, GOOGL, and MSFT stock's market cap over time

By being the internet’s first truly accessible technology, the iPhone injected steroids into the already powerful Internet Revolution. 

History is repeating itself right before our very eyes right now.

The Final Word

Before ChatGPT, sophisticated AI was a science fiction concept that VC investors were throwing money at and super-smart engineers in Silicon Valley were working on in labs. It wasn’t accessible to Main Street.

Sure, we had Siri on our iPhones, and maybe Alexa and Hey, Google in our homes. But, let’s face it, those were pretty “dumb AI”. They weren’t impressive, blow-you-away AI. And they didn’t start an AI frenzy on Main Street and Wall Street.

They weren’t ChatGPT.

We are presently witnessing the iPhone moment for AI.

And that’s pretty exciting, because while the internet revolution was big, the AI Revolution will be much, much bigger. 

As I like to say, the internet revolution made millionaires out of investors and billionaires out of entrepreneurs. The AI Revolution will likely make billionaires out of investors and trillionaires out of entrepreneurs.

It will take the magnitude of wealth-creation potential up to a whole new level.

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

And what better way to invest in the AI Revolution than by investing in the firm that started it all?

Since OpenAI launched ChatGPT in late 2022, the firm’s valuation has doubled. And it has scored huge partnerships with Intuit, Moody’s, and more.

But because the startup isn’t publicly traded, most retail investors missed out on OpenAI’s explosive rise over the past few months.

Miss out no more.

I discovered a loophole that allows you to invest in OpenAI right now.

Like investing in Apple in the 1980s or Amazon in the 1990s, this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

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