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by Chris Campbell

You feel it. I feel it.

James feels it, too.

“2024,” James said in front of the live crowd yesterday, “is going to be the most unpredictable year I’ve seen in my entire career.”


This was during our live 7 Predictions Summit yesterday afternoon.

(Miss it? Don’t worry. I’ll give you the replay link in a moment.)

I know what you’re thinking:

Things have been unpredictable for years! What will make 2024 so special?


According to James, here’s the shortlist:

→ A.I.

→ Cybersecurity/Hacks

→ Election Year

→ Economic Uncertainty

→ World War (?)

→ And a lot more.

And the principle to keep in mind:

“The most obvious things that could happen are probably not going to happen,” said James. “For instance, I don’t think Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee. I don’t think Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic nominee. I think 2024 is going to be the year of surprise.”


There’s one thing we probably shouldn’t be surprised about: a recession. 

The Thing About Recessions

“There’s been 11 recessions since World War II. On average, during the period of the recession itself, the stock market returns 0%.”

That’s right. Zero.

“Meaning,” James goes on, “sometimes it goes up, sometimes it goes down. But on average, the return has been 0% during a recession. That means you can’t just go all in on the market. You can’t just stay out of the market and ignore things.”

It also means: “Volatility is a certainty.”

Volatility is a double-edged sword. It can be dangerous.

But it can also be incredibly lucrative. Especially for one “dangerously undervalued” sector.

One Dangerously Undervalued Stock

“This is what’s called a stock picker’s market,” James said. “There will be stocks that go up considerably, and stocks that will collapse.”

The key to success in 2024 is knowing where the market is headed… and knowing which industries are going to outperform.

Although there are several sectors to choose from, James currently has his sights set on one overlooked industry set to fly…


This has been a fast-growing field for a while, but has also gone wildly underappreciated in the digital age.

Think about it.

A widespread devastating hack could cause:

→ Critical infrastructure failure: Power grids, water supply systems, transportation networks and more are all connected to the Internet in some capacity. (Dumb.)

→ Massive data breaches: Sensitive personal and corporate data could be stolen or compromised. Our systems aren’t set up for the networked age. What happens if EVERYONE’S social security numbers are exposed?

→  Healthcare system breakdown: If healthcare systems, including hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, are targeted, it could lead to the loss of patient data, malfunctioning medical equipment, and disruption in the supply of medicines.

→ Global financial collapse: This was the plot of the TV show Mr. Robot, but what happens if everyone’s accounts — everyone’s — are taken to ZERO, and all records are destroyed? Chaos.

→ Escalation into Physical Conflict: Whether it’s a false flag or a real attack, it’s not difficult to imagine this could be the impetus for a new war.

Artificial intelligence is going to supercharge this risk. But it could also help us keep up with the threats. 

Like it or not, says James:

“2024 is the year Minority Report comes true,”

Governments around the world are EXTREMELY interested in using AI to parse through data to catch hackers, terrorists, and more.

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