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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is the world's premier semiconductor foundry, offering advanced and integrated circuit manufacturing processes. With a recent earnings call indicating robust financial health and strategic positioning, TSMC presents a compelling case for long-term investment. This report delves into the reasons why TSMC stands out as a strong buy-and-hold option for investors seeking growth and stability.

Financial Health and Performance:

TSMC's Q3 2023 earnings report showcases a company on the rise, with a 13.7% sequential revenue increase in NT dollars (10.2% in USD). The company's gross margin edged up to 54.3%, reflecting high capacity utilization and a favorable foreign exchange rate, despite the initial margin dilution from the 3-nanometer (nm) technology ramp-up. Operating expenses were slightly up due to R&D investments, which are critical for future growth. The company's EPS stood at TWD8.14, and ROE was a strong 25.8%.

Strategic Positioning:

TSMC's investment in leading-edge 3nm and 2nm technologies positions the company at the forefront of the semiconductor industry. The successful ramp-up of 3nm technology, with good yield and strong demand from HPC and smartphone applications, underscores TSMC's technological leadership and innovation prowess.

Market Outlook and Growth Prospects:

Management's cautious optimism for 2024, based on early signs of demand stabilization in key markets, suggests a healthy growth trajectory. TSMC's broad customer base and technology leadership are expected to drive business wins and support continued growth, potentially outpacing the overall industry.

Capital Expenditure and Expansion:

TSMC's significant CapEx, running at an annualized rate of US$28 billion, reflects a commitment to maintaining and extending its technological lead. The expansion in Arizona and the focus on hiring local talent demonstrate TSMC's strategic global expansion and its ability to manage new operational challenges.

Competitive Advantages:

TSMC's competitive advantages are manifold:

  1. Manufacturing Leadership: TSMC's advanced manufacturing capabilities are unmatched, allowing it to capture a significant share of the market for cutting-edge semiconductor technologies.
  2. Economies of Scale: The company's large-scale operations enable cost efficiencies that are difficult for competitors to replicate.
  3. Innovation and R&D: Continuous investment in R&D ensures TSMC remains at the technological frontier, essential for the fast-evolving semiconductor industry.
  4. Financial Stability: Strong financials provide the muscle to invest in growth opportunities and weather economic downturns.
  5. Customer Diversification: A broad customer base mitigates the risk of dependency on any single client or sector.

Risks and Considerations:

Investors should consider the cyclical nature of the semiconductor industry, geopolitical tensions, and the risks associated with the high costs of technological advancements. However, TSMC's track record of managing these risks is exemplary.


TSMC's latest earnings report, strategic initiatives, and market position solidify its status as a compelling long-term investment. The company's financial robustness, commitment to innovation, and strategic global footprint bode well for sustained growth. TSMC is not just riding the semiconductor wave; it is actively shaping its future. Thus, we recommend TSM as a strong buy-and-hold stock for investors seeking exposure to the semiconductor industry's growth while mitigating risks through a company with a proven track record of success and resilience.

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