3700 Twitter employees are sent email terminating their employment

Chief Twit Elon Musk joked that it would be ‘deeply ironic’ if someone on Twitter ‘takes him out’ as he brags it could be one of the most valuable companies in the world’ before he fired 3,700 staff by email.

The world's richest man rocked up at the Baron Investment Conference at the Metropolitan Opera House in Manhattan in high spirits and laughed about the number of enemies that he had in front of New York's wealthiest investors.

He was discussing his vision for Twitter and other companies when fellow billionaire Ron Baron joked how he would live forever, with Elon quipping ‘if I keep increasing that enemies list it might not be much longer.'

Are YOU a Twitter employee affected by the cuts? 

Musk went on to say it would be ‘deeply ironic if it was someone angry on Twitter that takes me out', before saying he could now remove them from the site.   

Just over an hour later almost half of the workforce of the social media giant received the blunt email telling them they are fired – will remain on the payroll until at least January as he skirts California's tough workers laws. 

The world's richest man rocked up at the Baron Investment Conference at the Metropolitan Opera House in Manhattan after posting a furious message to woke users who caused a ‘massive drop in revenue' before the purge in staff hit their inboxes. 

He said it was ‘extremely messed up' and accused them of ‘trying to destroy free speech in America' despite what he said were his best efforts to ‘appease' the campaigners.

Twitter employees have started to receive the email to let them know whether they are among half the workforce set to be culled on Friday – at 4pm GMT, 12pm EST and 9am PST.

Those who were selected to stay have been informed that the office will remain closed until November 7th, and have been urged to ‘refrain from discussing confidential company information.' 

Additionally they will be told of Musk's ‘vision for the company' in the coming days, with ‘more information' to be shared next week. 

Anyone who has found themselves out of a job has been told that they will continue to be employed by Twitter until either January or February 2 next year, depending on their role, though November 4 will be their last working day at the company. 

They are not expected to work, and will have their access to Twitter systems deactivated – though some employees reported being kicked out of their accounts almost 12 hours before. 

Musk joked about overpaying for Twitter during a surprise appearance at a conference as emails started rolling out to inform staff of mass layoffs.

Speaking at the Baron Investment Conference, the billionaire said that him trying to get out of the deal was like a ‘scene from the Godfather’.

He said: ‘I mean I think most people would say, given how market has evolved this year, the price is on the high side.’

Originally published on DailyMail.com