3 Meme Stocks to Grab Now

Jeff Bezos Just Humiliated Elon Musk


It's no secret since their initial meeting in 2004… Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have been involved in a bitter rivalry… From their public battles over the space race, electric cars, and who was worlds the richest man… For going on two decades now–Bezos and Musk have been at each other's throats… But what happened on December 31st 2021, just took this feud to an entire new level… Although the media barely covered it… That was the exact day Bezos made a massive bet on the most powerful technology in history… A technology Bank of America predicted would be, “Bigger than fire and bigger than all the revolutions that humanity has seen.” And before you start guessing, this has nothing to do with ChatGPT or A.I… Instead, Bezos bet huge on a little known technology that's going to prove far more disruptive… And in the process is going to make Jeff Bezos the richest person in history… Make no mistake, the rivalry between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos is over… And Bezos won. Sounds crazy, but I've put together a brand new video that explains everything… Go here now to get the full details.

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In the beginning, meme stocks to buy pitted the bulls against the bears. The market was without form and void of the knowledge of social media. That is until the hedge funds fooled around and found out.

However, those days seem to be long gone. Sure, you will always find people willing to speculate on popular, social-media-driven enterprises. But the zenith of the wild movement appears to be firmly in the rearview mirror. Still, that’s not going to stop folks from trying to get something going.

If I’ve learned from my interactions with ardent proponents of meme stocks, it’s this: appealing to reason isn’t usually the most productive endeavor. It comes down to the reality that people want what they want. So, if you want meme stocks, let’s have at it with the true classics.

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GameStop (GME)

This is the one that started it all and coincidentally one of the few meme stocks to buy that I have in my portfolio. At first, GameStop (NYSE:GME) was like any other brick-and-mortar retailer fading away in the swamp of American open-air shopping centers. However, with competition moving in via e-commerce outlets combined with gaming console manufacturers facilitating direct-buy opportunities, GameStop days appeared to be numbered.

Still, that was before short squeezes became part of the mainstream lexicon. I suppose that’s the enduring legacy of GME. We as a financial publication industry routinely cover short squeezes. Heck, I even use short squeezes in my personal options trading. And the phenomenon is so powerful – that is forcing the bears to cover their positions – that even when you make an administrative mistake, the squeeze can potentially bail you out.

Can the same happen again for GME? I wouldn’t count it out. Fintel shows that its short interest as a percentage of float clocks in at 22.49%. Also, its short interest ratio stand at 22.17 days to cover. Recently, bearish traders have sold GME calls that expire on Feb. 16.

Given that there’s shorting activities going on in both the open and derivatives markets, all it takes is a push in the “right” direction. Is it one of the meme stocks to buy? Ya know, it very well could be.

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Goldman Sachs: $11.7 TRILLION opportunity is upon us


They're calling it a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”. A secretive new company is about to unleash a new technology on the world. It's not computer chips. It's not AI. It's not metaverse. It's much, MUCH bigger. In fact, if this obscure technology does what Goldman Sachs and dozens of other industry watchdogs say it's going to do… Then it will create an entirely new industry in of itself.

Every industry will change because every industry uses what this bizarre device makes. See what all the hype is about and how you can cash in right here